2017 Ballet Summer Intensive                                                                            Art Ballet Academy       

Intensive I - June 19-July 8 (3 weeks)
Intensive II - July 19 - August 12 (3 weeks)

Registration Form, Tuition, Schedule

Online Registration
Online Registration Open for Pre-Ballet (3-4 years old), Ballet 1 (5-6 years old),
Ballet 2/3 (6-8 years old), Ballet 3/4 (9+)
Intermediate & Advanced Level - only by audition/level placement class 

Audition/Level Placement

Intermediate Level (10+ years old) (Beginner/Intermediate Pointe/ minimum 2 years of ballet & 1 year of Pointe/Pre-Pointe required) &
Advanced Level (12+ years old) (Advanced Pointe/ minimum 3 years of ballet & 2 years of Pointe required)
New & Current ABA Students: All new students starting Pre-Ballet (3-4 years old) to Ballet 3/4 (9+) and students currently enrolled in The Art Ballet Academy's 2016-2017 School Year DO NOT need to audition for the summer intensive. You simply need to fill out a registration form and return it to our office.

New Student audition for Intermediate & Advanced Levels:
To arrange live audition/level placement class, please email: ballet@ABacademy.com Video audition: Interested students please submit a video of one classical variation, short bio and a picture in first arabesque to Art Ballet Academy, 6053 W I-20, Arlington, TX 76017. No audition fee.